We encourage Lodges and individual Freemasons throughout the Province of Sussex to become Friends of Barford Court

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Association of Friends

The Association of Friends of Barford Court is a voluntary group which raises funds to provide extra amenities for the residents

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Calendar of Events

Throughout the year the Association of Friends organise various fundraising events to which everyone is welcome to attend

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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Welcome to Friends of Barford Court


Welcome to the Association of Friends of Barford Court, on our new Website designed by W. Bro John Farrar.

Please take a moment or two to discover more about the Association, and what we do for the residents of Barford Court.

I hear from many of our fellow Masons in the Province that they know little or nothing about Barford Court, despite the fact that their Lodge or Chapter may very well be making an annual donation to our funds.

You will find a host of information by the mere click of a mouse, such as the names of those on the Committee, how we raise our funds, how to become a member of the Association, a calendar of events and much, much more.

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